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Looking for a few good guest writers

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Want to know one of the best upshots of the blog revolution? People with something important to say have a digital soapbox that doesn’t require 13 hours, a research assistant and more footnotes than the Warren Commission Report.

Experts can now double as information gatekeepers with a WordPress log-in and 15 spare minutes after lunch. That’s because blogs are meant to be short, sweet and low maintenance. (Not everyone has a sugary touch with words, but it can be taught and learned.) Meanwhile, people want to consume blogs that are chock full of first-hand experience and best practices, not passed from mouth to mouth like a baby bird’s morning meal. Mush mouths or not, anyone can get facts get lost and and chewed up in translation.

That brings us to our point: We want you to write for SnagAJob.com’s hiring blog, monthly newsletter and other channels.  Here is why:

  • We are the nation’s No. 1 hourly-focused human capital management company (BREATHE…) But we don’t know everything. (Some of you do, though.) And we’re curious.
  • Making a cameo for SnagAJob.com a great way to share your company’s successes with others in the industry, aka, networking.
  • You’ll get a nice pay-off for “Googling” yourself a few weeks from now.

So, if you have something special or interesting or just different to say about hourly recruitment or retention, please send me an email. Please include your area of expertise and/or a specific idea for a blog or newsletter blurb. And I’d be happy to return the favor.

Mike Ward is the managing editor for Snagajob. When he's not writing and editing content to support America's hourly workers and employers, he reviews movies, roots for losing sports teams and hangs out with his family and friends in the River City.