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Post 1 Job

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3 reasons to post your jobs on Snagajob.com

Job postings can be updated or changed at any time

Job postings can be updated or changed at any time.

Local job seekers are immediately notified of your opening(s)

Local job seekers are immediately notified of your opening(s).

Applicants sent straight to your inbox

Applicants you need are sent straight to your inbox.

"I was blown away with the quantity and quality of candidates I received to review and eventually hire."

Tom Pogemiller, franchisee, Firehouse Subs

Questions and Answers

What type of companies use Snagajob?

Businesses - large and small - across industries utilize Snagajob's hiring expertise. These include companies known locally and more recognizable names including Kohl's, Marriott, Chipotle, Aflac, Plow & Hearth, Lenscrafters, Primrose School, Verizon Wireless, CR England Trucking Company and Easter Seals.

Can I change my plans?

If your hiring needs change, your plan can too. Email us at hiring@snagajob.com, and we will be happy to change your plan.

How will I be billed for my postings?

We make an automatic, monthly withdrawal from the account you registered with when you signed up. If you're experiencing any problems, email us at hiring@snagajob.com.

Can I cancel my account?

We'll miss helping you meet your hiring needs, but you can cancel at any time through your account or by emailing us at hiring@snagajob.com. If you need access to the largest community of hourly job seekers again, we'll save your information to make coming back to Snagajob easier.