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How to give your employees independence without losing control

As we all are celebrating our nation’s Independence Day, it’s also a good time to consider ways to give your employees independence too. You may be slightly apprehensive, but it can be mutually beneficial. Employees will feel empowered and motivated, while gaining valuable leadership skills. You, on the other hand, will be able to establish […]

4th Annual Hourly Gig: Do you have a rockstar on staff?

At Snagajob, we know that there are many hourly-paid workers are trying to make ends meet while trying to break into the music industry. Each year, Snagajob teams up with a famous musician to give those workers a shot at playing their music for thousands. We’ve had a landscaper, makeup artists and a police officer […]

Guest blog: Best practices for communicating with applicants

You’ve designed an attention-getting job description with an amazing title and you’ve received great applicants. Now it’s time to provide them with a great applicant experience. Communication is the key element in fostering this. In a survey conducted by Startwire, 77 percent of candidates would think less of a company that didn’t respond to applicants. […]

Ask Snagajob: How can I give critiques without hurting feelings?

“Ask Snagajob” gives employers the opportunity to get real answers to their recruiting and hiring questions. New “Ask Snagajob” posts will be shared every week on The Hourly Insight. How can I give performance critiques to someone who has a great attitude? I’m fearful this will hurt their spirits? – Henry T. Critiquing someone, especially an employee who seems […]

Ask Snagajob: How do I introduce a new hire to our close group?

“Ask Snagajob” gives employers the opportunity to get real answers to their recruiting and hiring questions. New “Ask Snagajob” posts will be shared every week on The Hourly Insight. My workers have been with me forever but now we need to hire, how do I introduce a new hire to a tight group? – Karen N.  It’s […]

Younger workers want flexible schedules to assist their juggling act

What is a benefit to today’s workers? Pensions, vacation pay, retirement funds? None of these are what job seekers are searching for. So what’s importance? A flexible schedule. Something that seems so simple but can be lost in the shuffle. This is something that cannot be lived without in today’s marketplace. With the impact of […]

Intern Project: Goodwill Workshop

Part of my intern experience this summer was completing a project with four of my fellow interns. The task was to find an opportunity for Snagajob in the local community. So our first idea was to connect with a local organization that focuses on helping people get jobs, that’s how we came into contact with […]

Data: What is quality?

If you struggle with turnover, you’re probably wondering how you can get employees to stay on longer. This month we asked Snagajob job seekers to find out the top reasons for quitting a job and what factors employees want in a quality job. Check out the results and discover how you can create a job […]

The Part-time Problem

How do you treat your part-time workers? Part-time workers are being faced with increasingly harsh scheduling practices, such as not knowing shift hours until a day before work or hiring more workers when current employees do not receive enough hours. This often impedes arranging childcare or working around a class schedule, but the government is […]

A second thought on recruiting Millennials

You’ve probably had your fill of articles and advice concentrated on the differences of the Millennial workplace. You’ve probably also heard a lot about the “common” characteristics of this workforce: constantly craving for special treatment on the job, desperately needing positive reinforcement and so focused on that “dream job” that they become blind to opportunity. […]
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