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New hire paperwork – without the paper or the work

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Finding that right-fit employee is the fun, exciting part. Having them fill out a mountain of paperwork to get started – not so much. And because there’s a lot involved, it can be easy to overlook a section, forget a part or have something filled out incorrectly. Not only can it all get confusing, but the […]

Keeping employees engaged while saying goodbye


With the busy holiday season winding down, many of your seasonal workers are probably getting ready to leave. While 88 percent of employers have told us they want to keep at least some of their temporary workers on staff after the holidays, it is inevitable that many of your workers will move on: the students […]

4 ways to stay popular with job seekers


The hiring market is currently pretty tight for employers. With the improving economy it’s becoming harder to recruit and retain those top tier workers. The hourly-paid market can be particularly difficult to navigate with high turnover and a constantly changing market. We’ve spent a lot of time researching and studying hourly job seekers to see what […]

Going mobile: Hiring for the future generation of workers

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From computers to tablets to mobile devices, our access to information never ends. Not only do we want constant access to information, but we have come to expect it. And this is especially true for millennials. One could argue that the younger generation, many of whom make up your workforce, aren’t even interested in “going […]

Finding the right fit has never been so simple


Finding that perfect job candidate is like online dating. You read their profile and qualifications and make a quick determination on if you want to meet in person. But, what if you had more than what’s on that standard profile, to save you time and energy while still finding your perfect match? We’ve developed an […]

How to quickly hire seasonal workers

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The holiday hiring season is upon us and you may be starting to think about how to hire a lot of employees in a short amount of time, so that you’re ready for the holiday consumer rush. Our annual holiday hiring survey told us that the majority of employers hope to have their holiday staff […]

Snagajob Launches 1-Click Apply and Visuality to Reduce Hassle and Increase Speed in the Hourly Job Application Process

New features offer a revolutionary mobile hiring experience that will significantly reduce the time it takes to find, apply and get hired for an hourly job from weeks down to minutes RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 29, 2015 – Snagajob, America’s #1 spot for hourly work, announced today two new product features, 1-Click Apply, a fast and […]

It’s now easier (and faster) than ever to find great employees

  Finding workers is no longer work with Snagajob’s revolutionary new features. Our researchers and engineers have developed the next evolution of hourly recruiting, designed to increase applications, increase quality applicants and move the recruiting process to our now mobile world. It should be no surprise to learn that job seekers are searching for jobs […]

Holiday Hiring 2015: What you need to know

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                          Holiday hiring has officially begun! We surveyed 1,000 employers to get a glimpse into the seasonal hiring landscape for the holiday season. This year’s Holiday Hiring survey revealed insights on minimum wage, important employee characteristics and more. Take a look at our findings on holiday […]

2015 Holiday Hiring forecast & trends


The weather is just now starting to cool down, but the holiday hiring season is really heating up. Each year, Snagajob surveys hourly employers to get a feel on how the year’s hiring will play out. Our 2015 Holiday Hiring Survey revealed what employers are looking for in a seasonal worker and what they are […]

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