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The tattoo factor


Tattoos are no longer exclusive to the arms and necks of sailors and bikers; it’s a culture that’s grown to include everyone from professionals to grandmothers. And since they are so much more common than before the negative connotations once tied to them don’t really exist anymore. This could be one reason Starbucks recently announced an […]

Save the date for Hire Minds 2015

HM Cube Tiny

Save the Date, Hire Minds 2015 kicks off in April Circle the dates and block your calendar, the 2015 Snagajob Hire Minds Hourly Hiring Summit is kicking off for it’s sixth year April 26-28.  We can’t wait to once again bring together hourly hiring thought leaders for full days of networking and best practice sharing […]

Search don’t stalk: social media in the hiring process


Somebody’s profile on a social media site such as Facebook or Instagram can provide you with a lot of insight into who that person is. Pictures of fun weekends and exciting travels, videos they’ve shared with friends, even the type of music they enjoy is on display for any and all to see. These are the same […]

Deck the halls early with a holiday hiring infographic


This year marks the seventh annual release of Snagajob’s Holiday Hiring survey. A little more than 1,000 employers let us know they intend to hire the people they need for the holiday season. This year’s survey revealed insights on seasonal hiring habits, the role social media can play in hiring decisions, and more. Click below […]

Ask Snagajob: Having employees recruit on social media


“Ask Snagajob” gives employers the opportunity to get real answers to their recruiting and hiring questions. New “Ask Snagajob” posts will be shared every week on The Hourly Insight. Q: How do I ask my employees to promote working at our location on their social media channels. – Thomas Z.  A: During the recruiting process, social media can […]

Ask Snagajob: Should job postings be updated to increase interest?


“Ask Snagajob” gives employers the opportunity to get real answers to their recruiting and hiring questions. New “Ask Snagajob” posts will be shared every Wednesday on The Hourly Insight. Q: Should job posting copy be changed on a regular basis to increase interest? Have you found that when a posting has been out there for awhile […]

Do you have hiring questions? We have answers!


We’re always looking for new ways to improve The Hourly Insight, a blog devoted to recruiting, hiring and engagement in the hourly marketplace. In our efforts to create great content, we’re always find ourselves wondering what questions employers might have when it comes to finding the hires they need. And that’s when we realized the […]

Quick question about the ACA and employee status


Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act will re-open starting Oct. 7 until Dec. 31, so you still have some time to figure out what healthcare choice will work best for your business and employees. Common questions about the ACA tend to be about how someone qualifies as a certain type of employee and how that […]

Peter’s Take: Connecting people to people

I talk to employers about recruiting almost every day and one of the things I often hear is how they know within the first 30 seconds if someone is likely not a fit. The CEO of a major US bank once shared, “I won’t hire someone who has not smiled in the first 30 seconds.” […]

Younger workers want flexible schedules to assist their juggling act

What is a benefit to today’s workers? Pensions, vacation pay, retirement funds? None of these are what job seekers are searching for. So what’s importance? A flexible schedule. Something that seems so simple but can be lost in the shuffle. This is something that cannot be lived without in today’s marketplace. With the impact of […]
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