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Integrate to save – but not skimp – on screening

Conducting a thorough background check is a critical step in the hiring process for all businesses. According to a Harris Interactive survey, one in three people think that there is no way for an employer to verify most things on a resume, and three in 10 think it would be okay to misrepresent themselves on […]

The straight line to hiring success

A lot of attention in the HR space has been dedicated to the shift in recruiting strategy in recent years from the old-school approach of newspaper advertising to recruiting online. You can’t blame hiring managers for changing their approach. Online recruiting is more cost effective – a study conducted by the Society of Human Resource […]

How automotive service businesses can drive great people to apply

Car Salesman and a Customer
When I was growing up, my parents always had an aging fleet of vehicles (meaning two roughly 10-year-old cars) in the driveway. Seems we were ahead of the trend. Experts say recent economic challenges, restricted financing and leasing options have led to increased vehicle age and longer ownership periods than we’ve seen in the U.S. in many […]

Refinement of Dairy Queen® Franchise’s Hiring Process Belies its Rural Nature

Visitors to any of Liepman Restaurant Inc.’s 21 Dairy Queen® locations throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana will notice that the company provides an urbane dining experience that belies its rural nature. But things looked very different before 2010 when Snagajob came aboard. [Read the Dairy Queen case study]


The job market is flooded with candidates. It’s a hiring manager’s dream, right? Not even close. It’s more like a hiring manager’s nightmare. This might go against conventional wisdom considering the saturated job market, with unemployment hovering around nine percent, but hiring effectively has never been so difficult for those who are unequipped. Hiring technology […]


If you see someone pointing up at the sky and a crowd gathering, would you continue on your way without looking up? Not likely. It’s human nature to look because everyone else is looking. It’s human nature to buy what everyone else is buying. It’s human nature to like what everyone else likes. If there’s […]


I think of the modern workplace as a Petri dish – a walling in of ideas that are maniacally forming, dividing, multiplying, bouncing off and absorbing into each other. There’s a growing legion of talented, driven people with increasing liberty to generate ideas. And a new form of life is bubbling up from the froth. […]

TECHSPERTISE: Chip Trout on Snagajob Mobile

Chip Trout doesn’t fish, incidentally, but as Snagajob’s manager of visual design, he has helped to develop a new product that changes the way employers fill hourly positions.  It’s called Snagajob Mobile, and in principle it’s like the unobtrusive, reliable and trusted Alfred to Batman hiring managers – on hand to support their heroic efforts […]


You surprised us. We didn’t realize how many hiring managers were out front adding an old-fashioned human touch to the customer experience with a smart phone in their holsters. The nature of your position is that you’re on the go, and naturally you’re prepared to take hiring with you. Our guiding purpose in developing mobile […]

Man vs. Machine: The Jeopardy Hiring Metaphor

As I write this blog, I’m two-thirds through watching “Jeopardy!’s” IBM Challenge, a three-night battle between storied past champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, and $7-billion IBM supercomputer Watson. And for the first two nights, technology has trumped – make that trounced – the human touch. Fifteen years after chess champ Gary Kasparov short-circuited Deep […]