[Webinar] Supercharge Your Candidate Experience

  • [Webinar] Supercharge Your Candidate Experience - Liz Dillon

        Hourly Job Seekers’ Hiring Expectations & How to Exceed Them to Win Over the Best Talent Creating a seamless, “wow” experience for candidates gives you a competitive edge in today’s hyper-competitive hiring market. But what are hourly job seekers’ expectations? And what can you do right now to exceed them and win over… read more

  • 2017 Recruitment Guide: What Works Right Now - Liz Dillon

    Your Ultimate Guide to Hourly Employee Recruitment—The Best 2017 Recruitment Strategies and Trends What are the industry’s best brands doing right now to attract the best workers? How do your 2017 recruitment strategies compare to what today’s hourly job seekers really care about?   Download our free ‘Ultimate 2017 Recruitment Guide’ now to find out what… read more

  • [Infographic] 10 Recruiting Trends to Know in 2017 - Liz Dillon

    10 recruiting trends to win the best hourly workers right now What are the latest recruiting trends for attracting hourly employees? And how can HR leaders, business owners and recruiters leverage them to win the best talent?   Open our free ‘How to Win the Best Workers’ infographic now for a quick-look snapshot of Snagajob’s 2017 Recruiting/Hiring survey… read more

  • Why Mobile Job Search is Even Bigger Than You Think - Liz Dillon

    Everyone knows mobile is a big deal. But it can be make-or-break deal for restaurant, retail and hospitality businesses that are hiring this season—which 97% say they are. That’s because Snagajob’s recent ‘State of the Hourly Worker’ survey found 82% of hourly job seekers are now searching for jobs from their phone Knowing how people are… read more

  • The 3 On-the-Job Perks That Will Win You the Best Applicants Every Time - Jenny Lewandowski

    Nearly every service-industry employer (97 percent) is hiring this summer, so standing out in a sea of “Now Hiring” signs is key to getting great candidates. It’s also really difficult. What on-the-job perks are you promoting to potential new hires right now? Are they enough to make job seekers want to work for your brand… read more

  • When & How to Win the Best Summer Hires - Jenny Lewandowski

    As my high school basketball coach used to say, “If you’re early, you’re on time, and if you’re on time, you’re late.” The same goes for summer hiring. If your organization isn’t already actively planning and recruiting for Q2/summer job openings, you’re behind the ball. Every year, Snagajob surveys 1,000 restaurant, retail and hospitality employers to… read more

  • Giving Thanks to Your Hourly Workers - Jenny Lewandowski

    Working an hourly job is … “ … like playing in an orchestra. It’s not about what you do alone but what you create together,” said Peter Harrison, CEO of Snagajob. “ … way more difficult than I remembered. It takes constant concentration, attention to detail and patience,” said Jocelyn Mangan, Chief Operating Officer of… read more

  • Part II: The New Face of Today’s Hourly Worker - Jenny Lewandowski

    How to attract applicants and avoid drop-off In a world where unemployment is low and the war for talent is escalating, it’s a worker’s world. Today’s hourly job seekers have choices; they know they can be selective. That’s why Snagajob and LinkedIn teamed up to surface insights that help employers like you take the guesswork… read more

  • Why Dr Pepper Snapple Group Is Obsessed with Being a Candidate Evangelist (and you should be, too) - Jenny Lewandowski

    Having 20,000 team members across more than 130 locations (and everywhere in between in the field), you might think that hiring – in particular, providing a great candidate experience – would be tough. And it is. But it’s the piece of the puzzle that Snagajob customer, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, takes utmost pride in. In… read more

  • Snagajob Appoints Former Upwork CEO to Board of Directors - Jenny Lewandowski

    Arlington, Virginia – March 3, 2017 – Snagajob, America’s largest marketplace for hourly work, today announced updates to its board and executive leadership team. Labor market innovator Fabio Rosati, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Upwork, joins former CEO of OpenTable and other industry leaders on Snagajob’s Board of Directors. Snagajob also promoted former Chief… read more