Twelve years ago today, officially went live and we began helping hourly employers find top talent to build stronger workforces and job seekers find the right-fit job. It’s traditional to receive gifts from others for your birthday. But this year, instead of getting, we thought we’ve give. So here they are, 12 insider tips about hourly hiring.

  1. Hiring for hourly positions is different. So you can’t approach hiring hourly in the same way you do salaried positions.
  2. The demographic of the hourly worker is diverse. Yes, the majority of job seekers fall in the 16-24 age range, but middle-aged and retired job seekers are important members of the hourly workforce and cannot be overlooked.
  3. Because of the diverse demographic of the hourly workforce, the best way to reach your target audience is to speak to job seekers looking for hourly work. If you focus on industries only, you could miss top talent.
  4. Social media has given employers a great tool to spread the word of job openings to the masses. But unless you have a way to narrow the field to the most qualified, you’ll be looking for a needle in a haystack.
  5. If you focus on experience only, you will miss out on a great employee. Hiring for aptitude over experience will ensure that the person you hire has the right personality for the job. You can train for skills, but you can’t teach energy.
  6. Interviewing isn’t easy and many people are uncomfortable having to conduct interviews. The best way to put hiring managers at ease, and to ensure consistent hiring practices, is to give managers a set of questions to use across the board.
  7. Hourly hiring is complicated. From keeping tabs on hundreds of open positions and determining tax credit eligibility, to conducting background checks and completing onboarding paperwork in an industry with high turnover, hourly employers have a lot on their plates. But automated solutions can make the to-do list manageable.
  8. As the economy continues to improve, voluntary turnover will increase. Keep your hourly workforce working for you through empowerment, recognition and training.
  9. If you’re hiring for seasonal work, start earlier than you think. We found that hourly employers are hiring earlier this summer and we expect to see the same for holiday hiring. The early bird will get the best staff.
  10. You may think your hourly employees see hourly jobs as temporary or as a stepping stone to salaried work. But we found that 40 percent of 18-29 year olds see themselves as career hourly workers. If you offer opportunities for growth, you could see better retention.
  11. Your front-line, hourly culture matters. Having a culture known for promotion from within, a feeling of teamwork and the ability to grow will not only help retention, but it will also help with recruitment.
  12. Hourly employees have more customer interaction than any other employee group. They’re the front line of your business and are the stewards of your brand. Invest in your hourly workforce and make strategic decisions to ensure you hire the right employees who can make a direct impact on your bottom line.

So, happy birthday to us, and happy hiring to you!