Odds are that you don’t have the time you’d like to read all the blogs, articles or books that offer insight into the hourly hiring industry. So Snagajob asked our friend, Mel Kleiman – CSP, president of Humetrics, and a strategist for hiring and retaining the best hourly employees – to give us a rundown of the best articles he’s read recently and what you could learn from each. It’s like CliffsNotes for hourly hiring media.

4 traits of incredibly effective delegators

Delegating is hard. It’s one of the tasks managers struggle with most, but the only way to help your employees grow, and to get everything done, is to delegate. I’ve read lots of books, articles and white papers on delegation, and I found this article to contain some of the best advice with easy to apply concepts.

Establish checkpoints: Employees thrive when they’re given the freedom to work on a task, but you want to make sure things are being done right. Establish checkpoints for the project to keep tabs on things without hovering.

– Ask a lot of questions: Instead of giving instructions, which cuts off employee creativity, ask questions about how the employee will complete the project.

– Make yourself a resource: Let your employees know that coming to you with questions is encouraged and not viewed as a sign of distress.

– Own your mistakes: Make sure your staff knows it is okay to make mistakes if they do so in a responsible way, like looping you in early if something isn’t going well. Share a few stories about your mistakes so employees feel comfortable and not intimidated.

Tips for keeping your most-valued workers

This article offers actionable advice to help keep your best employees working for you. Some of the tips include hiring employees that you can keep, helping them develop their careers so they stay stronger, keeping retention personal by finding out what motivates employees and getting to the bottom of performance issues before you dismiss an employee.

But I found the last tip in the article – invest in line managers – to be the most interesting. The article explains that 80 percent of turnover is driven by the environment the manager creates for the employee. To keep top employees from leaving a company, businesses need to invest in their line managers through development and training so they can successfully deliver on the retention initiatives you put in place.

What successful people do with the first hour of their work day

They don’t check their email. How do you spend your first hour at work? Do you check email? Focus on an unfinished task from yesterday? Pick up the phone and call people back? In this excellent article you’ll learn how some of the most successful entrepreneurs start their day. What you find out might surprise you.

(You’ll also learn about a handy tool called AwayFind, which can monitor your email inbox and alert you when crucial and/or time-sensitive email messages arrive. It’s a great way to stop hovering over your email.)