We don’t have to tell you how important interviews are. It’s one of the first steps you take when trying to fill a position and sometimes the very last thing you do when an employee is leaving. But have you ever considered interviewing as a tool to help you retain your star employees or check the temperature of your team? Making an effort to periodically check in gives you the chance to open up a dialogue with your employees that can influence positive change in your workplace.

Check-in interviews don’t have to be a complicated process. Use these three simple steps to make a big difference in keeping you and your employees happy.

1. Create a list of basic questions. Before sitting down for your first check-in session, create a list of questions that focus on an employee’s overall experience. Straightforward questions about potential or existing problems can help you nip trouble in the bud and figure out what you, and your team, can do to reach a resolution before things get out of hand.

2. Stay on a consistent schedule. Check-in interviews shouldn’t become a dreaded surprise for your employees. Whether it’s every three months or every single month, create a consistent schedule and stick to it. Establishing a routine will let people know there will always be a time to share concerns or ask any questions they might have. Plus, the timing might give you insight into any patterns or streaks that could influence employees searching for new opportunities.

3. Encourage honesty. These interviews are the chance for both you and your employees to share with each other, so encourage honest and thoughtful interactions. Be clear in explaining that there’s no reason for them to shy away from the truth, especially when it comes to their experience as an employee. Embrace the transparency of the check-in.

Checking in every now and then is an easy way to keep your team intact. Add it to your schedule today.