Busy schedules often keep friends and families from seeing as much of each other as they may like. But at the holidays, we set aside time to catch up. Holiday visits can be the highlight of a person’s year, but they can also unveil some unexpected and sometimes unwelcome realities: that their loved one may need additional help at home.

After seeing that their loved one can no longer provide adequate care on their own, family members will often begin to research home health options to set their loved ones up with the best care possible.

Is your home health business ready to meet an increase in demand? Do you have qualified candidates who you can call at a moment’s notice to increase your staff?

If the answers are “no,” you could be caught off guard with this potential boom in business and risk losing customers. Lost customers = lost revenue and no potential for referrals in the future.

To get your home health business ready – but not overstaffed until the calls come in – look for a recruiting partner that lets you post jobs year round for each of your locations. By accepting applications year round, you can build a pipeline of talent that you can tap into quickly when you need to increase staff.

Snagajob Talent Sourcing’s location-based posting approach lets you post an unlimited number of postings for any location, year round. And the flat, monthly fee helps you better predict your recruiting budget.

Once you’re posting jobs by location, Snagajob Assessments can help you dig deeper into an applicant’s personality to determine fit with your positions and better predict job performance. Providing good home care takes a special individual. Not everyone has the inclination toward supportive care, and applications, while important, won’t tell you if a person has compassion, tolerance or complex problem solving skills.

The holidays are a time for friends and family to get together, visit and enjoy each other’s company. But if that visit brings to light that a loved one may need extra help at home, family members could be reaching out to your business after the holidays. If you’re not ready to boost your staff with well-qualified, customer-service-focused employees, then Snagajob can help you prepare to grow your business.