Taking on high-volume hiring can be time consuming and expensive. You want to find right-fit candidates to contribute to your team and with so many ways to hire them, you want to find the most efficient approach possible. That’s where Snagajob ReadyHire – a proven solution that has helped employers meet their goals again and again – comes in. By providing you with a pool of ideal candidates, scheduling interviews with potential employees and helping you execute on-site logistics, we can help you pull off your hiring event without a hitch.

Check out what customers have to say about ReadyHire and see how we helped them meet their high-volume hiring needs:

– A new PF Chang’s franchise was opening in McClean, Va., and needed to build a quality staff from scratch. They scheduled over 150 potential candidates, with talents ranging from server to manager. By the end of the event, PF Chang’s had scheduled second-round interviews for 33 candidates to work in the new location.

“I would be very surprised if we didn’t do anything like this with Snagajob again.”

A Sam’s Mart in Roswell, Ga., was trying to quickly fill 20 managerial spots for some underperforming stores. After conducting nearly 60 interviews with quality candidates, Sam’s Mart hired 24 new employees on the spot.

“Your staff is first class; everyone that I have spoken with or interacted with at Snagajob has been excellent. This is one of the best decisions I have made in business.”

– Hudson Group (Dunkin Donuts and specialty retail) in Dallas, TX, was searching for 50 new crew members. The ReadyHire team scheduled a day full of interviews and managers were able to meet with 175 candidates in one day. Hudson Group went beyond their goal, moving 55 candidates forward for second round interviews.

“I love the support from Snagajob and how they represent our brand.

– In Denver, Colo., a Five Guys franchise was on the hunt for 20 crew managers. Ninety-six interviews later, the employer moved 45 candidates to second interviews.

“This is typically the most stressful part of a new store opening…this was a stress-free day. I would do this again for staffing my entire new store.”

What could your ReadyHire success look like?