This is the first in a series of blog posts devoted to helping employers find right-fit hourly employees in various industries. The series is based on information from the Best Practice Profiles compiled by Snagajob’s assessment partner, PeopleAnswers.

When searching for new employees, it’s important to consider what special skills a candidate should possess in order to succeed in your workplace. Different jobs have different expectations and responsibilities, and the retail industry is no exception. The skills and specific knowledge one needs to become a successful retail employee all depend on what role he/she will play in the business.

Some commonly open positions in retail are sales associate, cashier and store manager. Keep an eye out for the following candidate qualities when filling these retail jobs:

Cashier – Customer service is just one aspect of this job, so look for someone with a friendly and polite demeanor. Effective communication skills are also important since this position requires him/her to constantly interact with co-workers, as well as customers. They’ll also play a role in stocking and merchandising, so the ability to understand and follow directions is very important.

Sales associate –  This will be the first face customers see when visiting your store, so make sure you hire someone who is friendly with an outgoing personality. Strong interpersonal skills ensure your employee will be able to approach customers with confidence and meet, or exceed, any sales goals. A knowledge of computers, telephones and other business equipment is a must, as well as the flexibility to work a rotating shift.

Store manager – A lot of responsibility falls on a store manager, so previous retail management experience is key. Your potential hire’s leadership skills should be well developed since he/she will be in charge of setting the tone for your employees and the store. And it may seem like a given, but make sure the candidate is proficient in business-related computer software.

Keep these in mind when interviewing for your open retail positions and you’re sure to discover candidates that are enthusiastic, qualified and ready to contribute to the success of your store. To attract quality applicants from the very start of your hiring process, take a look at what Snagajob Talent Sourcing can do for you. Happy hiring!