There are certain things that accompany every holiday season: festive songs playing in every store and restaurant, twinkly lights hanging in every tree, and of course, classic holiday programs playing on television every night. Whether you’re a fan of classics such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” or prefer goofy comedies in the style of “Home Alone,” everyone has a favorite character they keep an eye out for this time of year. With snowflakes and gift wrap on the mind, we polled job seekers on our site and asked, “What holiday character would you most like to work with?”

Over 1,000 responses later, we knew which characters job seekers would want by their side on the job. From reformed holiday villains to day-saving heroes with bright red noses, here’s a quick look at the poll results.

You would be a cotton-headed ninny muggins to not vote for Buddy. The character with the highest number of votes was Buddy the Elf, from holiday film favorite “Elf.” With 35 percent of the votes, Buddy proves to be the top choice for epic snowball fights in the park and helping you make it through the night shift.

We wouldn’t touch this employee with 39 and a half inch pole… A surprising second place win went to the Grinch, with 23 percent of the vote; the menace of Whoville beat Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by a mere one percent.  We’re just not sure if job seekers are considering the Grinch before or after his heart grew three sizes too big.

Thumpety, thump, thump, Frosty comes in last. Unfortunately, Frosty the Snowman only received 18 percent of the votes, making him the character job seekers wanted to work with the least. It would be pretty difficult to work with someone who could melt pretty easily.

With so many holiday characters to choose from, which would you like to add to your staff? Let us know by tweeting your favorites to @SnagajobWorks. Happy hiring and happy holidays!