My co-workers and I spend a lot of time talking to employers. We email, call, IM,  Skype, chat live at the Hire Minds Hourly Hiring summit, and recently we collected your feedback in a newsletter survey. I think one of you may even still have a pager.

What’s this mean? We know your hopes, dreams, pet peeves…at least relating to hourly hiring. (Nothing scary, don’t worry.)

One of the things we also learned is that you love to learn from your peers – competitors and co-workers alike – to either reinforce your best practices or point you in a new direction. With that wish in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequent requests we hear from hiring professionals at all levels. If we forgot something, please let us know by commenting below.

Employer Wish List

5. A clear social networking recruitment vision
Anyone who tells you they have a surefire social networking strategy out of the box is reading you a sales pitch, not speaking the truth. Everyone is still figuring this space out, including the self-proclaimed experts. has been fortunate to gain great traction with job seekers via Facebook, Twitter and our new community networking features. Here is what we’ve figured out so far: Be honest, be helpful and be timely. Then get out of the way.

4. Consistency in the field
If all hiring managers and front-line employees behaved the same, life would be easier. Since you can’t control all the variables at each of your locations, you need to control what you can. This is why the forklift can’t drive 55 m.p.h., the employee manual isn’t a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” and you need highly predictive hiring solutions.

3. Numbers you can use
You can’t simply trust your gut to make decisions that have at least four digits to the right of the dollar sign. You can’t get buy-in from executives with a really pretty, polished PowerPoint. Before you upgrade your hourly hiring tools or partners, you need math and metrics. You need to be able to predict future success without hunches or astrological charts, unless the stars can help forecast your application flow, cost per hire, turnover rate and time to fill.

2. Superstars
You call them many names: go-getters, all-stars and employees of the month. They’re your secret weapon, secret sauce and reliable anchor. When you find them, you cherish them. And when you don’t, the customer complaint box overflows.

1. Retention
It’s a no-brainer, right? Secretly stuffing applications in shopping bags and forcing new employee Gary to wear no-show employee Barry’s name tag (and pants) aren’t effective turnover stopgaps (even if they do rhyme). In 2011, you need to replace smoke and mirrors with predictive behavior analysis and compelling employee incentives.

Sure, can help you with this entire holiday wish list. But I’m not here to sell; I’m here to share. Happy holidays! We hope you get what you want.