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Employee evaluation sample

Kim Costa | June 9, 2016

Performance reviews are critical tools in evaluating your employees, determining raises and vetting internal candidates for promotion. When done well, a review is an invaluable conversation between management and employees about expectations and job performance; however, too many managers and companies regard the review process as more of a burden than a resource. As a business leader, you can… read more


Performance Appraisal Phrases: The Dos and Don’ts

Arthur McKey | September 12, 2016

Dealing with difficult employees

Kim Costa | June 21, 2016

Employee evaluation samples

Kim Costa | June 17, 2016

Performance review phrases

Kim Costa | June 13, 2016

Performance Review Examples

Kim Costa | June 10, 2016

Snagajob Case Studies

Snagajob Works for Denny’s

Kim Costa | February 22, 2016

Hiring the right person is the important first step to having a happy employee and retaining great staff. The job application form is one of the most important tools available as you take that first step in the hiring process, yet many hiring managers are still using a standardized application form for every new job… read more

Snagajob Works for Hardee’s

Kim Costa | February 24, 2016

Find out how Hardee's made the switch to a paperless hiring process by using Snagajob and our innovative tools. The restaurant chain was able to increase their applicant pool and find more qualified workers....
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Snagajob Works for Taco Bell

Kim Costa | February 22, 2016

Find out how Taco Bell uses Snagajob to increase their applicant pool, find more qualified workers, and create a paperless and compliant hiring process....
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