Employee Retention

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How to retain employees

Kim Costa | February 3, 2017

Now that you have an awesome team in place, it’s time to start thinking about how to retain employees. Turnover is not only expensive, but it also impacts productivity and employee satisfaction. Having a solid employee retention plan in place will ensure you keep the rockstar employees you don’t want to leave. Try out these… read more


Give your company culture a checkup

Imani Holmes | December 15, 2017

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Snagajob Case Studies

Snagajob Works for Denny’s

Kim Costa | February 22, 2016

For a lot of employers, maintaining a successful business requires research, planning and rounding out their staff with great hires. It also means taking a closer look at company culture, and figuring out how to keep employees enthusiastic and excited to clock in every day. It can be easy for company values to get lost… read more

Snagajob Works for Hardee’s

Kim Costa | February 24, 2016

Find out how Hardee's made the switch to a paperless hiring process by using Snagajob and our innovative tools. The restaurant chain was able to increase their applicant pool and find more qualified workers....
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Snagajob Works for Taco Bell

Kim Costa | February 22, 2016

Find out how Taco Bell uses Snagajob to increase their applicant pool, find more qualified workers, and create a paperless and compliant hiring process....
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