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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked in a contract?

No contract. You just pay month-to-month till you use our services. If you cancel, you’d still get service through your billing cycle and then we would stop charging to your account.

Can I change my job posting?

Yes! We have a slot that holds your job posting. You can swap it out for a totally different job. Or you can make changes to your original job posting. There is no limit on the edits or frequency of your changes. There is no extra pricing for edits.

Can I search for local candidates who are available for hire?

Yes. Our proprietary matching presents you with local candidates who have shown an interest or worked at similar jobs earlier. This helps you match with the most qualified candidates. You can view profiles and invite candidates to apply (there is no limit on the no. of invites).

Can you tell me more about Snagajob?

Snagajob connects employers with hourly workers and workers with hourly jobs. Since 2000, we’ve grown to be America’s #1 spot for hourly work. We work with all major industries and businesses across the country have benefited from signing up with us. We have the most up-to-date listings for local candidates and are constantly working on offerings to help serve the employers better.