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Laundry Attendant

Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC Jobs

Laundry and dry-cleaning workers clean clothing, linens, drapes, and other articles, using washing, drying, and dry-cleaning machines.  They also may clean leather, suede, furs, and rugs.


  • Collect or receive soiled linen.
  • Inspect articles for stains and fabrics that require special care
  • When necessary, workers treat spots and stains on articles before washing or dry-cleaning.
  • Sort articles to be cleaned by fabric type, color, and cleaning technique
  • Load items into laundry and dry-cleaning machines
  • Adjust machine settings for a given fabric or article, as determined by the cleaning instructions on each item of clothing
  • Add detergent, bleach, and other chemicals to laundry and dry-cleaning machines
  • Monitor machines during the cleaning process and ensure that items are not lost or placed with unlike items.
  • Remove, sort, and hang articles after they are removed from the machines
  • Clean and maintain laundry and dry-cleaning machines
  • Participate in inventory
  • Sometimes, laundry workers interact with customers
  • Report lost and found to Supervisor  and or Hotel
  • Follow all company and regulatory policies, procedures and standards of conduct

Work Environment

Laundry attendants work in hotels, motels, and resorts.  Laundry machines can make the work environment warm and noisy.  Workers may also be exposed to harsh chemicals, although newer environmentally friendly and less-toxic cleaning solvents are improving their work environment. 

Physical strength and stamina are required.  Laundry attendants must be able to perform their duties without getting overly tired.  They spend most of their day on their feet, stooping, bending, and stretching, and sometimes lifting heavy loads and objects.  It is important these tasks be performed diligently or sprains and back injuries can occur.


Laundry attendants generally receive short-term on-the-job training.  This training includes proper cleaning techniques, how to clean different fabrics, and how to treat stains.

Types of Laundry Attendant Positions

Linen attendants are trained in and launder linens in high volume environments. 

Uniform attendants usually work in a uniform department where they assigned uniforms to workers, sort uniforms and assist with inventory.

Lead/Trainer ensures the standards of operation are set so the laundry facility is operating as smoothly as possible.  Instruct entry level and new personnel on standard operating procedures and responsibilities. 

Press Operators uses a press machine to iron laundry articles by adjusting the press machine settings for a given fabric or article as determined by instructions for each article.  

Mechanic maintains and ensures the proper operating order of the laundry machines.  Runner retrieves, delivers and stocks laundry articles as instructed.

Skill and Specialized Knowledge

Customer service skills.  Laundry and dry-cleaning workers may interact with persons who drop off and pick up articles.  Workers may need to respond to persons who are unsatisfied with the quality of the cleaning and learn protocol for handling such matters.

Detail oriented. Many fabrics are delicate and require special care in cleaning.  In addition to looking for spots and stains, laundry and dry-cleaning workers must pay attention to the type of fabric to ensure that the item is cleaned properly.

To perform the job successfully an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. The requirements listed are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

Additional Info

Minimum Age
18+ years old



  • Must meet company and client hire requirements
  • Must be minimum 18 years of age
  • Previous laundry experience preferred
  • Quick learner
  • Must be able to multi-task in a fast paced environment
  • Able to work around laundry chemicals in a high noise environment
  • Able to lift, pull, and push moderate to heavy amounts of weight (minimum of 20 lbs.)
  • Must be able to push carts weighing in excess of 100 lbs.
  • Able to stand for long periods of time and move moderate distances
  • Able to perform all duties as instructed
  • Follow all required safety and standard operating procedures
  • Must meet company and hotel grooming standards
  • Must wear slip resistant shoes to avoid slips and falls
  • Must have reliable transportation


High school education level education a plus

Work Schedules

Laundry Attendants are employed full time and part time

Must be able to work a flexible schedule; morning and evening shifts, weekends and holidays

Report to work on schedule dates and time and maintain a responsible attendance record

Job Benefits


  • Competitive pay
  • Eligible to participate in the health benefit program
  • Upward career growth
  • The opportunity to play an integral role in the growth of the business.

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