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Check Center Assistant Manager job in San Marcos, CA

Company Check Center
Job Title Assistant Manager
Job Type Full-time, Part-time
Hours Not Specified
Pay Type Salary
Wages 12/hr
San Marcos, CA 92078

Assistant Manager

Check Centers jobs


  • Assist the Store Manager in meeting the expected outcomes of a successful retail store, including:
    • Providing excellent customer service
    • Achieving business goals (revenues and losses)
    • Developing a trained and motivated team.
    • Developing the skills and assuming the responsibilities to become a successful and valuable Store Manager.


  • Responsible for the delivery of excellent customer service through personal contact with customers
  • Process customer transactions accurately and efficiently
  • Effectively cross sell products and services
  • Maximizes productivity by assisting store manager in the development of team members
  • Accountable for accurate and efficient store operations in manager’s absence, including anti-money laundering compliance
  • Implements company marketing programs effectively and efficiently
  • Participates in community activities to enhance public awareness and the image of the company
  • Recommends changes in products or services
  • Follow and maintain company, customer and personal security procedures

An Assistant Manager should expect his/her time to be devoted in the following four basic areas:

  • Transaction processing – 30% of the time
  • Operations – 40% of the time
  • People management – 20% of the time
  • Marketing – 10% of the time

Transaction Processing
This time is spent at the window conducting transactions. As noted above, an Assistant Manager should not be spending the majority of his or her time at the window. An Assistant Manager instead will be devoting more time on operations than on transactions.

An Assistant Manager will spend more time on operations than on other activities. Operations include important activities such as:

  • balancing the store (daily and monthly)
  • conducting self-audits 
  • verifying compliance forms are completed
  • estimating cash needs
  • ensuring safety and security guidelines are being followed
  • and other daily and monthly back office duties.

Also, an Assistant Manager should be very knowledgeable about all the products and services Check Center offers. An Assistant Manager must be pro-active concerning his or her knowledge and educate his or herself accordingly.

People Management
An Assistant Manager is also expected to devote a significant portion of time and energy to people management. Successfully utilizing the people within a store or organization is extremely important to anyone in management.

An Assistant Manager at Check Center is expected to develop his or her written and verbal communication skills. This includes communication with team members in the store, the headquarters team, as well as customers and outside vendors or suppliers.

Additionally, an Assistant Manager is expected to develop leadership skills.  Assistants will need to be self-motivated and actively look for what needs to be done to develop these skills. In other words, an Assistant should lead by example.

Another extremely important aspect of people management is training. One of the greatest things anyone can do is share his or her knowledge. Assistant Managers are expected to actively participate in training other team members. This support will not only educate less-experienced team members, but also develop the training skills of the Assistant Managers. Assistant Managers are also expected to assist in company-wide training by attending training events offered to them and volunteering to share their knowledge when appropriate.

Sales and Marketing
Assistant Managers are expected to spend approximately ten percent of their time implementing marketing programs. It should be noted that during transaction processing, every employee should be learning about the customer’s needs and selling appropriate products and services to the customer. In fact, this marketing activity is required to deliver excellent customer service.

Assistant Managers should support Store Managers in this area in the following ways. 

  • Actively seeking out new customers
  • Serve as a model for using effective cross-selling techniques
  • Participate in database management, such as collecting the correct customer data, verifying its accuracy, and implementing database-driven marketing
  • Actively participate in implementing all marketing projects and promotions. Participation includes evaluating team members’ performance, ensuring that sufficient materials are available and that merchandising materials are appropriately displayed. 

Additional Info

Minimum Age
18+ years old



  • A drive to achieve
  • A need to be objective and measure performance
  • Ability to listen and communicate easily with customers and employees
  • An ability to take charge
  • A clear understanding of right and wrong which guides actions

Job Benefits

  • Competitive wages
  • Annual raises based upon performance.
  • Quarterly and annual performance bonuses after one year of service
  • One week vacation accrual during your first full calendar year
  • A competitive health insurance package offered to full time employees
  • 401K retirement plan will be offered after one year of service
  • Sales incentives

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