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ALDI Shift Manager job in Marshalltown, IA

Company ALDI
Job Title Shift Manager
Job Type Full-time
Hours 30-34 hours/week
35-40 hours/week
Pay Type Hourly
Wages $11 - 15
Location 2405 South Center Street
MarshalltownIA  50158

Shift Manager

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Position Structure

The Shift Manager reports to the Store Manager. In the absence of the Store Manager and Manager Trainee / Assistant Manager, the following employees report to the Shift Manager: Cashiers. The personnel leader is the District Manager, however, in the case of personnel matters, the District Manager must first seek the approval of the Director of Operations.

Another Shift Manager or Manager Trainee / Assistant Manager will fill in during an absence.

Position Objectives

To support the Store Manager in achieving the company’s growth objectives by maximizing sales and controlling expenses.

To fulfill his/her responsibilities in accordance with the company’s principles of leadership and organization, the ALDI Management System.

Position Responsibilities

The Shift Manager will alternate between Shift Manager and Cashier duties on a rotating basis as established by management, in addition to other occasions when unforeseen events necessitate the Shift Manager to fill in for the Store Manager or Manager Trainee/Assistant Manager. In the absence of the Store Manager or Manager Trainee / Assistant Manager, the Shift Manager will be held accountable for the performance of his or her subordinates and responsible for the following duties:

  • Manages the store in conjunction with the store priorities to present a desirable image of ALDI.
  • Assures compliance with the company’s customer service guidelines.
  • Assures appropriate resolution of customer concerns (operational or product).
  • Assures that store cleanliness standards are maintained.
  • Assures proper stock level through appropriate product ordering.
  • Assures proper store signage.
  • Assures the quality and freshness of ALDI products.
  • Merchandises product to maximize visibility and sales.
  • Provides a safe environment for employees and customers by identifying and rectifying hazards, ensuring proper ergonomics and maintenance of store equipment.

  • Assists Store Manager with the training, development, and performance of store personnel.
  • Assists in training and developing store personnel to retain a motivated and professional workforce.
  • Assists in communicating and modeling the vision and values of the organization to create a proper work environment and sense of teamwork among employees.
  • Assists in communicating job responsibilities and performance expectations to store personnel to assure desired results.
  • Assures compliance with established operating policies and procedures. Counsels employees to modify and change their behavior, and records such counselings in writing when deemed appropriate. Such written counselings may be used later as a basis for discipline.
  • Monitors employee performance and gives advice to subordinates when deemed appropriate; decides whether to report 
    counseling or  criticism to the Store Manager; recommends more severe personnel actions to either a Store Manager or District Manager.
  • Communicates and assures compliance with the Store Employee Handbook.

  • Supports management in the achievement of controllable expense goals.
  • Assists in the achievement of store productivity goals.
    1) Coordinates job activities of subordinate personnel; decides the tasks that an employee will perform on a daily and/or  extended basis, along with the timing and location of those tasks; in making these decisions, the Shift Manager will consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to the skills and abilities of subordinates, anticipated long and short-term store volume and job tasks needing completion.
    2) Modifies work schedules and staffing levels when deemed appropriate, in order to respond to changed circumstances; may call-in additional staffing and/or approve overtime for subordinates in order to achieve store productivity goals.
  • Assists in the achievement of store inventory goals
    1) Verifies the billing and retail accuracy of products received into the store.
    2) Completes and submits appropriate reporting to account for price changes and product receipt.
    3) Informs the Store Manager of inventory loss due to inferior or damaged products.
    4) Minimizes all perishable loss.
    5) Participates in taking store inventory counts according to guidelines.
  • Assures adherence to cash policies and procedures to minimize cash loss.

Job Specifications

Education and Experience:
     At least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Additional Requirements:
     May be required to handle and sell alcoholic beverages, and meet any state and local requirements for handling and selling   
     alcoholic beverages.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

-Ability to provide prompt and courteous customer service.
-Skill of operating a cash register efficiently and accurately.
-Ability to stock merchandise from store receiving to shelving; ability to place product, weighing up to 45 pounds, on shelving at various 
-Ability to operate equipment including electric and manual hand jacks, floor scrubber and cardboard baler.
-Ability to perform general cleaning duties to maintain store standards for cleanliness.
-Knowledge of and ability to interpret and/or apply ALDI store operating policies and procedures.
-Skill of verbal and written communication.
-Skill of performing basic administrative duties such as filing, filling out forms, counting and basic arithmetic equations.
-Ability to follow instruction and give attention to detail.
-Ability to work both independently and within a team environment, and to serve as an effective manager at all times.
-Considerable knowledge of the supervisor’s role as the first-line manager of subordinates, and the ability to supervise store personnel 
 by guiding performance to assure the quality and completion of work assignments.
 -Ability to independently evaluate work performance, to motivate personnel, and to modify behavior and performance when deemed 
-Ability to understand and apply management principles concerning budgeting, personnel costs and overtime expenses in order to 
 achieve the store’s profit goals.
-Ability to develop rapport, trust and open communication that enhances the growth and job performance of store personnel.
-Ability to organize, prioritize and complete activities to maximize the total time available.
-Ability to establish and execute plans and goals.
-Knowledge of and ability to utilize store computers and related software.

Additional Info

Minimum Age
18+ years old


  • Hours: Full Time, 30-40 hours per week
  • Wage: Hourly, $11.00 - $15.00

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