Fastrac Markets Part Time Fuel Scheduler job in East Syracuse, NY

Fastrac Markets
Job Title
Part Time Fuel Scheduler
Job Type
Full-time, Part-time
6500 New Venture Gear Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Part Time Fuel Scheduler

Job Description – PT Fuel scheduler:

1) Schedule daily fuel deliveries for 70+ locations.
2) Use scheduling and monitoring software to ensure all locations are properly supplied with all necessary fuel products at all times.
3) Monitor Fastrac truck movements to ensure efficient and timely delivery of scheduled fuel orders.
4) Respond to and resolve any logistical issues that may arise in completing the desired schedule.
5) Average to above average computer prowess necessary.
6) Work schedule is Sat and Sun (shift start time of 7am-8am)
7) Normal shift is 7-9 hours per day (24/7 availability by phone to handle any issues).
8) Good communication skills required.
9) Potential for additional shifts during the week as needed.

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Job Requirements
* Must have experience using Microsoft Excel or comparable spreadsheet programs.
* Good math skills and communication skills.
* Ability to adapt to changing mission requirements as the need arises.

Additional Information
All necessary equipment will be provided by Fastrac
Training will take place at Fastrac's Office upon start of employment. This will be during the week.
Opportunity for additional shifts in the future.

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