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Handy Mart Assistant Manager job in New Bern, NC

Company Handy Mart
Job Title Assistant Manager
Job Type Full-time, Part-time
Hours Not Specified
Pay Type Hourly
Location New Bern, NC
New Bern, NC 28560

Assistant Manager

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The Assistant Manager is charged with the responsibility of properly and efficiently operating the store in the Store Manager’s absence according to company policies and guidelines, to maximize both sales and profits.

The duties and responsibilities are identical to those of the manager when solely in charge and supportive to the manager when the manager is in charge.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Recruits, screens, interviews and recommends or does the hiring of store employees to meet the needs of the store.
  • Provides training and development of all store employees.
  • Enforces all company policies and procedures. Monitors compliance.
  • Monitors employee performance. Implement strategies to enhance customer service and loyalty.
  • Maintains an adequate inventory at all times without creating an excessive inventory, and displays merchandise effectively for maximum sales.
  • Monitors vendor activity to assure correctness of charges and credits. Reports discrepancies to supervisor.
  • Preparation and review of all required store accounting paperwork information.
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handy mart jobs

Additional Info


  1. Must be able to constantly speak, write and read English sufficient to perform designated duties.
  2. Must be able to frequently use math functions beyond those required by simple math.  Store reports require basic accounting knowledge.
  3. Able to frequently work any hours store is open or seven (7) days a week if necessary.
  4. Able to frequently lift up to 50 pounds, carrying cases of soft drinks, beer and juices.
  5. Must be able to constantly stand for long periods of time without sitting.
  6. Must be of legal age to sell alcoholic beverages in any store that they may work.     
  7. Must not have any felony conviction or probation period that would prevent them from selling alcoholic beverages.
  8. Be able to frequently walk, bend and stoop to stock shelves and coolers.  
  9. Must have a valid driver’s license and adequate transportation in order to arrive at work on time and carry out Company business such as making bank deposits, attending meetings or responding to a call-in situation.  Motor Vehicle Reports will be obtained for newly hired managers and reviewed annually or as warranted and must not contain convictions for serious traffic violations. 
  10. Have sufficient vision or corrected vision, to check identification, to process money orders and to identify customers at outside gasoline islands.
  11. Be able to frequently sweep and mop floors, dust shelves and lift and carry out trash containers to place in dumpster.
  12. Be able to frequently clean parking lot and surrounding store area.
  13. Be able to frequently enter and work in a walk-in cooler.
  14. Be able to occasionally climb a ladder for cleaning windows, etc.