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PABS Family Counseling & Intervention Services Licensed and Associate Licensed Clinician/Therapist/Counselor job in Union City, GA

Company PABS Family Counseling & Intervention Services
Job Title Licensed and Associate Licensed Clinician/Therapist/Counselor
Job Type Full-time, Part-time
Hours Not Specified
Pay Type Hourly
Location4405 Mall Boulevard
Suite 200
Union City, GA 30291

Licensed and Associate Licensed Clinician/Therapist/Counselor

We have an immediate opening for a Licensed and Associate Licensed Clinician/Therapist/Counselor.

Must be able to work various shifts per week.

  • Be authorized to work in the United States.

Additional Info

Minimum Age
21+ years old


Licensed and Associate Licensed Clinician/Therapist/Counselor

IFI agency seeking an energetic, creative and innovative licensed clinician to lead an Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) team of excellent paraprofessionals. The team leader’s position offers direct face to face clinical services/intervention as well as staff supervision and team training/development. This is a full-time position with excellent professional and personal growth opportunities. If you are interested in joining a new agency with a dynamic team and possess the desire to “help strengthen families one child at a time”, please contact us for an immediate and confidential interview. Please email your resume, copy of your license and a summary of your skills to


Must be licensed LCSW, LPC, LMFT or certified CACII by the State of Georgia under the Practice Acts and has at least 3 years of experience working with children with SED.  LAMFT, LMSW, LAPC staff do not qualify for team leader; however, may serve as an Associate Clinician under the supervision of the Team Leader on a part-time basis.  The team leader must be actively engaged in the provision of the IFI service. 

Licensed Clinician (current) in the State of Georgia

  • Minimum of 2 years working with children with serious emotional disturbances and/or substance abuse.
    Advanced knowledge of clinical social work and mental health counseling principles to perform diversified duties including supervision and clinical assessments.
  • Knowledge of clinical operations and procedures, Medicaid services and community mental health and support resources.
    Experienced in community based mental health service
  • Experienced in auditing and clinical records set up and documentation
    Strong written and verbal communication skills
    Ability to lead, coordinate and train staff
  • Must have current driver’s license, dependable automobile and insurance


  • Administering Comprehensive Assessments
  • Writing Interpretive Summaries
  • Writing Treatment Plans with Measurable Goals and Objectives   
  • Reviewing Plans to make certain they are SMART
  • Completing and entering MICPs
  • Document activity in ShareNote® system
  • Frequent, detailed documentation using BIRP Notes


PABS Family Counseling & Intervention Services (PFCIS) is an Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) provider that is based on the principles of excellence, family, education and positive attitudes.  Because we think out of the box, we enjoy a cheerful, creative atmosphere that encourages hard work, loyalty, dedication and fun.  We work with children and youth between the ages of 4-18 who are challenged with behavior disorders, recurrent school suspensions, threatening themselves and others, unhealthy living situations, bullying and other aggressive behavior in an effort to teach them to make safer, better choices.  Working closely with DFCS, DJJ and other agencies, we provide therapy through counseling sessions in the home, community and other locations to help stabilize the child and their family.  Our clients, settings and hours are sometimes non-traditional but the expected outcome is positive and successful as we teach them skills to regain their self-esteem and purpose. 


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