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Spinx Customer Service Representative job in Liberty, SC

Company Spinx
Job Title Customer Service Representative
Job Type Full-time, Part-time
Hours Varies
Pay Type Hourly
Wages Competitive
Location 7252 Moorefield Mem Hwy
LibertySC  29657

Customer Service Representative

Spinx jobs

The Spinx Company, Inc., has a vision - "Give Customers What They Want: FASTER and EASIER!" Spinx keeps raising the bar for exceptional customer service by providing leading edge technology and well-trained friendly associates… and we want you to join our team!

Our Customer Service Representatives, or CSRs, are what makes our company (and our customers) really GO! The “MUST DO’S” to feel great in your role and to succeed at Spinx revolve around the customer.

A great Customer Service Representative will:

  • Engage our customers
  • Make them feel at home
  • Offer solutions to their concerns
  • Make suggestions if needed
  • Ensure our customers are safe while in our store, and give them a clean environment to call theirs while they visit us

If you do all this, then you’ll help Spinx continue to make our customer’s lives a little easier—and we know you’ll feel great while doing it!

Our goal is to always be the friendly company that makes people's lives easier. The biggest ingredient for success within Spinx is ATTITUDE. Always have a positive attitude and you are guaranteed to deliver the real Spinx Experience!

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Additional Info

Minimum Age
16+ years old