Life At Snagajob

In 2014, half a million job seekers will find work because of a group of Snaggers serving the needs of America’s hourly workforce and those who hire them. Understanding what drives Snaggers is as simple as understanding our mission statement. We work hard every day “to put people in the right-fit positions so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives, ” and we’re looking for new Snaggers who can be equally committed to the same goal. But you can’t just wish the dreams of hourly workers into reality. Our core values impact everything from the way we interact with other Snaggers to our relationships with our job seekers and employers.


Acting as one team. Helping each other succeed. Being thoughtfully candid. Building trust. Checking our egos at the door.


“I love how open and accessible the entire Snagger family is. All office doors are open all the time, and everyone (at every level of the organization) is approachable and helpful.”
- Chris, Interaction Designer


Having integrity. Rising to the challenge. Acting with urgency. Meeting our commitments. Owning our results.


“Being in sales, my entire day is structured around accountability. I’m accountable to the employers I work with, the job seekers applying for the jobs I get on the site, all of my coworkers depending on me to hit my quota and my own, personal goals. The accountability I feel drives my success at every level.”
- Jack, FAE


Having noble goals. Believing we can. Showing we care. Being the best we can be. Making it fun.


“One of the greatest feelings is when job seekers who were in trouble – whether they’re a single parent, a struggling student, or just someone in need of some extra money – contacts us to let us know that they got a job using our website. While the profit line is always great, helping someone out in the time of need is even better. I enjoy working at a place where I can help make a difference in someone’s life. It makes the sometimes long hours and hard work well worth it.”
- Jessica, Executive Assistant

Our mission and our values are truly the foundation of everything we do at Snagajob.
Our focus on being collaborative, accountable and passionate are what allow us to build a truly great place to work. We just wanted to create a place Snaggers would love to be while they did great work, but we’re flattered by the number of people and organizations who have taken notice.

life at snagajob