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Kitchen Professional

Company Chick-fil-A
Job Title Kitchen Professional
Job Type Full-time, Part-time
Location 3001 W Agua Fria Fwy
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Kitchen Professional

Job Requirements 

  • Arrives on time and stays until the job is done 
  • Available to work at least 5:15am - 4pm Monday - Saturday 
  • Available to work full time or more weekly 
  • Does any job that is necessary 
  • Demonstrates and teaches the Chick-fil-A way 
  • Serves others with a 'My Pleasure' Attitude 
  • Takes pride in knowing all positions in the kitchen 
  • Maintains a positive attitude under pressure 
  • Actively helps others grow and develop 
  • Takes responsibility for work that happens on your team 
  • Attends weekly kitchen staff meeting and completes weekly kitchen training requirements 
  • Reports to the Kitchen Director 

Minimum Age 18+ 

Job Benefits 

  • $15/hour starting wage with qualifying kitchen experience 
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance 
  • 40 hours of paid vacation annually 
  • College Scholarships 

Additional Info

Minimum Age
18+ years old

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