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Part-Time Team Member

Company Chick-fil-A
Job Title Part-Time Team Member
Job Type Part-time
Wages $9.00 - $12.00
Location 3380 Pump Rd.
Henrico, VA 23233

Objective: The Team Member manages provides consistently remarkable experiences for each guest, all day, every day. This position focuses on correct processes involving Quality of Guest Experience, Product, and Environment and works closely with the Coaches to ensure operational goals are met.

Vision: Provide CARE and Comfort


1.  Hospitality

  1. Conduct table touch-ins are every 15 minutes to refresh beverages and clear trays.
  2. Ensure that the Figure 8 Process in Dining Room is functioning and efficient – ensuring 1st and 2nd Mile Behaviors are occurring
  3. Check/maintain restaurant exterior every 60 minutes.
  1. Performance
    1. Ensure DT window time is < 30 seconds - by ensuing that the food beats the car to the window every time.
    2. Help dine-in guests within 60 seconds of entering the queue – ensure activation of upstream ordering when appropriate.
    3. Ensure that the restaurant is cleaned/refreshed at all times.
    4. Ensure shift transitions include walk-throughs/checklists so that the next shift is set up for success.
  2. Organizational Alignment
    1. Part-time – Work a minimum of 15 hours per week in order to ensure maximum understanding, alignment, and effectiveness
    2. Daytime availability must include 11:00am – 3:00pm and Nighttime availability must include at least 1 weeknight until 11:00pm and Fridays and Saturdays.
    3. Connect regularly with Coaches during shifts to better personal understanding of processes and learn how to perform at a higher level.


Summary of Expectations:

Oversee/implement the following components.

  1. Operations Foundations
    1. Food Safety - Ensure a food safety culture where knowledge is a foundational learning with the Food Safety 5
      1. Health & Hygiene – Stop the spread of germs from dirty hands and sick Team Members.
      2. Cross-contamination – Eliminate biological, chemical and physical contamination hazards; keep raw and cooked/ready-to-eat foods separate.
      3. Pests – Keep disease-carrying pests away from the Restaurant and grounds.
      4. Time & Temperature – Store, hold, cook, and cool foods properly to stop the growth of germs.
      5. Cleaning & Sanitation – Clean and sanitize food contact and non-food contact surfaces to keep the kitchen free of germs.
    2. Preserve a safe work environment by ensuring knowledge and respect of the Employee Health Policy.
    3. Maintain a clean, sanitary environment in HOH/FOH to set the standard of excellence, aid in minimizing food safety risks, and increase team morale.
    4. Execute all LEAN systems (chicken entrees, prep, thawing, etc.) to protect quality and food safety.
  2. Being a Team Mate
    1. Help to Create a high-energy atmosphere for our team, modeling a sense of urgency without making our guests feel rushed.
    2. Help others, setting the standard for the correct way that all processes run and help fellow team members identify opportunities in their processes
    3. Communicate any additional personal coaching needs/desires to the coaches daily
    4. Collaborate with other Team Members on best practices and areas of opportunity to ensure business growth and smooth operation. 

  3. Guest Experience
    1. Ensure Core 4 and Second Mile Service behaviors
    2. Optimize guest experiences by ensuring that speed and accuracy processes are held in high regard without rushing guests.
    3. Maintain a clean restaurant that is conducive to remarkable experiences.
  4. Facilities and Equipment
    1. Properly clean and maintain restaurant equipment.
    2. Communicate equipment repair needs to Directors of Operations.
  5. Financial Performance
    1. Be fiscally responsible and a good steward of the resources provided
  6. Organizational Alignment
    1. Ask great questions for understanding and learning
    2. Ensure you understand what is required and have the resources needed to accomplish the given tasks

Personal Time Off:

3 days of PTO


50% Discount on Food – working or not, and applies to your friends and family if they are on same check as you

25% Discount on Catering Orders

Education Assitance: 

$2500 Annual Scholarship Program

$10,000 Berry College Scholarship Program

Tuition Reduction Network of Colleges

Referral Program:

Bonuses for Referring new Employees - varies

Discount Programs:

Corporate discounts at various retailers and services


Self-controlled advancement and increased income opportunities

Additional Info

Minimum Age
15+ years old



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