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Section Manager

Company Chick-fil-A
Job Title Section Manager
Job Type Full-time, Part-time
Pay Type Hourly
Wages $16.00 and up
Location 3380 Pump Rd.
Henrico, VA 23233

Section Manager

Objective: The Sectional Director of Operations oversees the execution of all operational strategies of a specific section (Kitchen, Front Counter/Dining, Drive-thru) in alignment with the vision of CFA of Short Pump. This position works closely with the Restaurant Operations Director to ensure our vision and core values are the foundation on which we grow the business.


Vision: Provide Care and Comfort


  1. Food Safety
    1. Maintain Food Safety Score of Good (2-4) or Elite Status (1)
    2. Conduct a SAFE Daily Critical once/day – share all actions taken
    3. Ensure 40s at 40 Temperature Tests and SAFE Checklist hourly
  2. Guest Experience
    1. Ensure Overall Satisfaction remains in the top 20%
    2. Attain Sectional Missions within specified timeframes through partnership with Coaches and process excellence with team members
      1. Communicate, Coach, Challenge
  3. Financial Performance
    1. Sales Growth: 10%+
    2. Productivity: Over $62/Hour
    3. Positive Food Cost Gap: ≤.50%
  4. Organizational Alignment
    1. Work a minimum of 40 hours per week operations in order to ensure maximum understanding, alignment, and effectiveness.
    2. Connect regularly with the Operations Directors to guarantee “One Voice” communication for all initiatives related to the operations of the business.
    3. Connect with Section Coaches biweekly and document discussion/action items with Basecamp.


Summary of Expectations:

Operational Foundations

  1. Food Safety
    1. Proactively address food safety issues and ensure that proper systems, resources, and approved suppliers are being leverage and maximized to ensure potential risks are eliminated.
      1. Health & Hygiene – Stop the spread of germs from dirty hands and sick Team Members.
      2. Cross-contamination – Eliminate biological, chemical and physical contamination hazards; keep raw and cooked/ready-to-eat foods separate.
      3. Pests – Keep disease-carrying pests away from the Restaurant and grounds.
      4. Time & Temperature – Store, hold, cook, and cool foods properly to stop the growth of germs.
      5. Cleaning & Sanitation – Clean and sanitize food contact and non-food contact surfaces to keep the kitchen free of germs.
    2. Ensure a food safety culture that is a foundational cornerstone for all staff members.
    3. Maintain a clean, organized, and sanitary environment in HOH/FOH to set the standard of excellence, aid in minimizing food safety risks, and increase team morale.
    4. Leverage all LEAN systems (chicken entrees, prep, thawing, organization etc.) to protect quality, efficiency, and food safety.
  2. Equip Team Members
    1. Maintain accountability to culture and our vision
    2. Oversee Team Coaches to Ensure training and process accountability is clear, effective, and consistently in alignment with our organizational/sectional visions.
    3. Ensure employee environment is safe, engaging, and encouraging to align with our vision and values.
    4. Confirm that adequate operational resources are available for all employees, so they can perform their jobs with excellence.
    5. Ensure that Coaches maintain focus on team member processes and helping team members become stronger.
  3. Equip Leadership
    1. Missions –identify barriers and tactics to mission achievement
    2. Checklists – provide team members accountability and coaching of checklists
    3. Ensure “One Voice” Communication – provide clear and unified communication
  4. Guest Experience
    1. Ensure all day parts are adequately staffed to create optimal guest experience.
    2. Taste of Food: identify opportunities as well as ensure our guests are receiving ‘craveable’ food.
    3. Speed & Accuracy: identify opportunities as well as ensure our guests are receiving food efficiently and accurately (but not rushed).
    4. Cleanliness: identify opportunities as well as ensure our restaurant presents a clean and sanitary environment.
    5. Service: identify opportunities as well as ensure we create an environment led by hospitality and an eagerness to service, both in 1st and 2nd mile
  5. Facilities and Equipment
    1. Ensure all equipment in good repair and functional at all times.
    2. Report any facilities and equipment issues to the Project Manager in a timely manner.
  6. Financial Performance
    1. Ensure the restaurant is stewarding all resources to maintain profitability while meeting the expectations of hospitality, team member environment, cleanliness, and food safety
    2. Exemplify stewardship through fiduciary management of the business’s two largest financial resources – food and labor productivity.
    3. Coach and develop operational processes with all coaches and team members to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  7. Staffing
    1. Always be actively looking for and recruiting high caliber team members
  8. Organizational Alignment
    1. Work closely with the Operating Partner, Senior Operations Director, Operations Directors, fellow Sectional Directors, and Team Coaches to ensure “One Voice” Communication
    2. Ensure clarity between different roles and responsibilities within the organization, and to ensure common language.
    3. Maximize alignment and the effectiveness of our vision as our business grows.

Personal Time Off:

One week of PTO 


50% Discount on Food – working or not, and applies to your friends and family if they are on same check as you

25% Discount on Catering Orders

Education Assitance: 

$2500 Annual Scholarship Program

$10,000 Berry College Scholarship Program

Tuition Reduction Network of Colleges

Referral Program:

Bonuses for Referring new Employees - varies

Discount Programs:

Corporate discounts at various retailers and services


Self-controlled advancement and increased income opportunities

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