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LocationBloomfield Hills, MI 48304

CAA/CAM MISSION STATEMENTCranbrook Academy of Art is an independent graduate degree-granting institution offering an intense studio-based experience where artists-in-residence mentor students in art- architecture and design to creatively influence contemporary culture.Cranbrook Art Museum is an educational institution that provides direct experience with modern and contemporary art- architecture and design- and promotes an understanding of their relevance and contribution to society. As a partner of Cranbrook Academy of Art- Cranbrook Art Museum is a window to the Academy and the Academy's window to the world.Cranbrook Art Museum accomplishes this mission by:·Preserving- expanding and providing access to its collections in the fields of art- architecture and design from the 20th and 21st centuries- which contribute to the education of Academy students and public audiences.·Presenting a program of exhibitions that explore the work of modern masters and the images and issues of contemporary art relevant to the Academy's program of graduate study.·Offering public educational programs that provide opportunities for understanding the artmaking process and exploring the meanings of art.·Developing collaborative relationships- especially those within the Cranbrook Educational Community- that encourage new opportunities for expanding audiences.·Embracing Cranbrook's artists- history- architecture and grounds as both context and content for its programs.

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