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LocationBristol, VA 24201

The mission of the Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College is to provide a quality career education to students who wish to pursue excellence in culinary and hospitality operations. The college aspires to stimulate a lasting attitude of knowledge and its application beyond the boundary of its campus and serve and promote society by developing in students heightened intellectual- cultural- as well as professional expertise and a sense of purpose. Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College strives for excellence in all its endeavors and expects from students similar dedication to this pursuit. The mission of the college is to optimize human potential and performance within the community and throughout the region. Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College is committed to achieve the study- practice- and integration of learning with practitioners in the field. In these ways- the college prepares professionals for leadership roles in the culinary and hospitality workforce. The college seeks to ensure excellence in its services and programs to develop selective areas for national and international prominence.

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