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LocationBayamon, PR

MISSION OF THE UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DEL CARIBEThe mission of the Universidad Central del Caribe is to prepare high-quality and committed health professionals to meet the health needs of the community in its biological- physical and social context with a human focus and high sense of moral obligation. It is characterized by its emphasis on the excellence of its educational programs and services of health maintenance- prevention and early detection of illneses.What distinguishes Universidad Central del Caribe from other educational institutions in Puerto Rico its in unwavering dedication to prepare high-quality health professionals who can offer preventive care- promote healthy life styles- and provide excellent services with humanism- compassion and the highest ethical values. Particular characteristics of the Institution are its intensive and extensive program of practical experiences in clinical settings in the community- regardless of their program of study- and its longstanding record of public/private partnerships and service-linked education.

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