Acorn Markets Employment Opportunities

Acorn 2012

Mason Owlett and William A. Ridge founded Putnam in 1938.  It was originally founded as an Esso gasoline distributorship and named after Putnam Township in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  Its primary marketing area was a 2,400‑square‑mile, two‑county area, Bradford and Tioga Counties, in north central Pennsylvania.

     In 1940, Putnam had twelve employees and seventy‑five percent of its ten- million-gallon gasoline business was delivered to a trucking company owned by one family and to four service stations owned and operated by another family.

     To solve the problems associated with the non‑ownership of assets, during the 1950's, Putnam began a program of building and leasing service stations.  In addition, the company began a diversification program in which a motel and restaurant chain were added to the company's operations.  In the early 1980's, Putnam started its first convenience store under the trade name of Acorn Markets.

     Currently, Acorn Markets, Inc., has nearly 300 employees. We operate in several locations in an eight‑county area in north central and northeastern Pennsylvania and in southern New York and anticipate the construction and acquisition of new convenience stores.