Ninety Nine Restaurant Employment Opportunities

A Passion to Serve

Four simple words comprise the Ninety Nine Restaurant’s mission statement: “A Passion to Serve.” But a mission statement is worthless if it’s not supported by action – and this one definitely is! Everyone at the Ninety Nine Restaurant from the president, John Grady, to the hourly team members lives by this statement.

A brand of O’Charley’s Inc., the Ninety Nine Restaurant is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, and has earned a strong reputation as a friendly, comfortable place to gather and enjoy great food and great drink at a terrific price. With the establishment of the Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub in 1952, founder Charlie Doe created an entirely new niche in the New England hospitality industry – the casual restaurant – long before the appearance of others.

The Ninety Nine Restaurant continues to prosper, grow and compete with major national chains. The Ninety Nine updates and improves its menu on an ongoing basis to provide guests with fresh new options, yet continues to offer great food and great drink at a terrific price. This philosophy began when the company was founded, and is still maintained by the leadership of current Ninety Nine President John Grady, who has worked for the company for over thirty years, and the senior management team, which has on average more than 15 years of experience at the Ninety Nine.

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