RaceTrac Petroleum Employment Opportunities

RaceTrac operates over 525 retail gasoline convenience stores in 12 southeastern states. A standard RaceTrac features 20-24 fueling positions and a 4,000 plus square foot convenience store, featuring over 4,000 items. This represents a remarkable evolution since our beginning in 1934. However, the principal beliefs of providing for our customers' needs, slow and sustained growth, a commitment to our core values and innovation still guide the company today. It is our belief that if we focus on providing high-quality merchandise at a low price, combined with fast, friendly service, you will experience the convenience and cost savings of RaceTrac.

Core Values 

The Company's core values are at the root of its success, guiding each decision and each action taken. 


  • I act with integrity.
  • I admit my mistakes and am accountable for my actions.
  • I am willing to speak up and have difficult conversations when needed.
  • I prefer directness to politics.


  • I honor the opinions of others.
  • I listen actively and communicate respectfully.
  • I am willing to voice my concern when an action is not aligned with our values.

Positive Attitude

  • I demonstrate an ability to change course and overcome obstacles with energy and enthusiasm.
  • I am willing to go the extra mile for the customer.
  • I consistently do more than is asked.
  • I am able to diffuse a negative situation.


  • I value time and demonstrate a sense of urgency.
  • I use resources wisely.
  • I prioritize tasks appropriately and adjust priorities when needed.


  • I can be counted on to do what needs to be done.
  • I work with team members to solve problems and to try new ideas.
  • I communicate openly with team members.
  • I support team decisions.