Russell Stover Candies Employment Opportunities


The Russell Stover Candies family is made up of over 2,600 people, all dedicated to making "Only the Finest" in boxed chocolates. The story of Russell Stover Candies is one of immense growth in the last decade and a half, from a small regional candy company to the nation’s largest. Remarkably, the same care, quality and ingredients must go into each box of candy today as it did in 1923, in Mrs. Stover's Bungalow.

From the purchasing agent to the sales clerk, every employee is responsible for retaining the quality of the candy. The source of our quality candy lies not only in the ingredients, but also in the people. Our success was based, and will remain based on quality, service and value. After all, the customer is the sole reason for our job. How do we keep the quality of our candy so high under such a complex and large scale operation? The answer: the people that make up Russell Stover Candies.