Short Stop Food Marts Employment Opportunities



Short Stop Food Marts was founded in the early part on 1971. Vance B. Neal, who visualized the potential growth of the convenience store industry, became its first President on August 1, 1971. Mr. Neal received his B.A. degree in Business and Accounting from Campbell University in 1963. After graduating, Mr. Neal became an auditor with the North Carolina Department of Revenue. Mr. Neal's background in accounting, his attention to detail and his insistence on store cleanliness and merchandising, has allowed this company to become well-respected in the convenience store industry.

In 1985, Short Stop purchased twenty-three (23) E-Z Shop stores in NC. Short Stop Food Marts currently operates 56 stores in Southeastern NC. We maintain an employee base of 320 employees at all times.

More recently, Short Stop has moved into the 21st century. We have moved some of our branded gasoline locations to our own Short Stop brand of gasoline. This purpose is to help us sell gas at a cheaper retail than the name brands. At the same time, we have updated our logo to reflect our move towards the future. We have taken a hard look at what we need to do at store level to continue to grow our business. By the end of 2009 we will have all 56 locations using our new scanning system registers. All stores by the end of 2009 will have also been updated with the new passports registers.