Table 100 Employment Opportunities


A furniture piece turned from fresh wood holds some brilliance and life that no pressed board can ever capture. Such an intimate process harkens back to a time far removed from our fast modern living and mass produced culture. If there are any men of Mississippi who understand this truth, Greg Harkins, a true master craftsman, is indeed one of those men.

His work first traveled across the ocean when he was commissioned to build over a hundred chairs for a home shopping channel in Japan. Now Greg is busy building furniture for politicians, celebrities, friends and most everyone who wants to own an excellently crafted bed, swing, table or rocking chair. Every president since Jimmy Carter has owned at least one Greg Harkins original rocking chair. Even celebrities such as Bob Hope, Paul Harvey and Oprah Winfrey have possessed a Harkins original. Jim Buck Ross, former Mississippi Agricultural Commissioner, even commissioned Greg to build a giant rocking chair that may be seen on display in the lobby of Jackson's Museum of Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry.

As soon as Bill Latham and Al Roberts named the restaurant Table 100, they knew that a special table had to be found. Bill and Greg have been friends since college, so the obvious thing to do was call Greg and ask him to build the special table. Greg turned his masterful hands to fashion a gorgeous table and chair set for Table 100. Here you sit at the storied hundredth table and such a story it has. The table top is bodock, found in a Madison, Mississippi woodpile stacked after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and was supplied by an unknown donor. In fact, some of this same wood was used to build a chair for former President George W. Bush. The legs are walnut, also salvaged after Katrina from Eden, Mississippi. The six chairs are fine hickory.

So sit back, relax, and feel the love and time poured into this beautifully crafted dinner table as you enjoy your equally well-crafted meal and know that history, attention to detail, and most importantly passion may still be found and admired even in the ready-made life of today.