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tim howard

World Cup Lesson: Be the Tim Howard of Managers

Sadly, as of last Tuesday the U.S.  is out of the World Cup. However, we didn’t go down without a fight — much in thanks to goalie superstar and record breaker, Tim Howard. In a 120 minute game against Belgium, Howard tallied an incredible 16 saves.  His efficiency and protectiveness  make us realize that Tim…


Your smartphone is your newest hiring manager

Snagajob prides itself on finding new ways to innovate the hiring process while discovering more efficient ways to connect employers and job seekers. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest mobile apps for employers and job seekers. The job search just got faster and a lot more personal thanks to the features of both…

job hopper

Understanding Job Hoppers

Minimum wage increases have been a hot topic in the news recently. From cities and states to specific companies, the bottom line is rising. Gap recently set their own minimum wage to $10/hr, a $2.75 increase in many states. Since then, job applications for Gap have poured in, which has us thinking about the employers…


Let freedom ring in your workplace

With the holiday weekend coming up, we’ve been thing a lot about what independence means to certain people. It has a variety of definitions depending on who you ask – our forefathers were concerned with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; your cashier might be thinking about the sweet, sweet freedom of their next…

HM Cube Tiny

Gain independence from your hiring challenges at Hire Minds Denver

Hire Minds Denver is right around the corner, July 24 to be exact. We already have a full house of amazing brands such as McDonald’s, Oakwood, Panera Bread, Five Guys, Goodyear, Sports Authority, Touching Hearts and Buffalo Wild Wings coming together to talk hourly hiring. You may be wondering, what makes this different than your…


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