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The media turns to Snagajob for hourly employment insights.

TODAY: What’s the best way to save for your children

In a financial segment focused on saving for college and earning money while in school, TODAY financial correspondent Sharon Epperson highlighted resources for students looking for a part-time job. Watch now. It’s not a chicken-and-egg scenario: quality comes before sales

When it comes to driving growth in your restaurant, you may find yourself asking a lot of chicken-and-egg questions. Do you need increased sales before adding a new concept? Or do you add a new concept so that you can increase market share? Do you increase marketing spend to drive sales? Or do you focus…
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WRIC TV 8: Various industries are hiring at summer’s end

As summer draws to a close, what industries are hiring and what can job seekers do to make themselves stand out? Snagajob stopped by our local ABC station to provide some insight. Read more.  

Multi-Unit Franchisee: Tax credit screening: turning the hiring process into a profit center

One of the largest uphill battles a franchise owner facesis combating the costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining good people, particularly in businesses with a high turnover rate. Local, state, and federal governments set aside billions of dollars every year meant to incentivize hiring that can offset these costs. Unfortunately, the complex hiring incentive…
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Chain Store Age: Assessing the perfect hire

On the job hunt, experience matters. Or, does it? Maybe not as much as many job seekers and hourly employers might think. Read more.

Business Insider: Why Snagajob is ranked the best small business to work for in America

There’s a reason why the folks at ranked first on the Great Places to Work list. It could be the company’s Office Olympics, or chili cook-offs, sing-alongs and talent show. Read more.

WRIC TV 8: Tough job market influences jump in tattoo removals

Richmond, known as one of the most inked cities in the country, is seeing an increase in tattoo removals. Is the tough job marketing to blame and does having a tattoo really impact your chance of getting a job? Read more. Glass is half full hiring: it’s all about perspective

Some employers take months, even years, fine tuning their hiring approach to ensure they can build an hourly workforce that will drive growth. And then new trends come along and impact the efficacy of that hiring approach, leaving employers’ hiring glasses half empty. Or are they half full? Read more.

Bloomberg Business Week: Grass skirts become Olympic apparel for workers competing on job

The opening ceremony for’s annual Office Olympics features a parade of athletes in what passes for a nation’s identity — grass skirts for Belize, mummies for Egypt, live sheep for Ireland. Read more.

TODAY: Can online surveys make you extra cash?

Can a teen without a summer job make money taking online surveys? What are other ways to earn some cash? Snagajob provided some tips to TODAY for their Money 911 segment. Watch now.

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