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The 2014 Summer Hiring Survey has arrived!

The sun is shining and flowers are in bloom, marking the beginning of spring. But here at Snagajob, we’re already thinking about the summer hiring landscape and what it means for employers searching for the best seasonal employees. For our 2014 Summer Hiring Survey, we received responses from over 250 employers from the retail, hospitality…

Snagajob’s 2014 Summer Hiring Survey Reveals Positive Employment Outlook in Hot Seasonal Job Sectors: Retail, Hospitality and Food Service

 Average hourly pay across industries expected to be more than the proposed national minimum wage increase to $10.10 per hour RICHMOND, Va. (April 2, 2014) – Snagajob, America’s largest hourly employment marketplace for job seekers and employers, today announced results from its 2014 Summer Hiring Survey of 250 employers responsible for hiring hourly employees in


The marriage of QSR and Fast Casual

Maybe you noticed it the last time you walked into a quick serve restaurant – little touches that you were once more likely to find in fast casual restaurants. Food being prepared in the front of the store, plastic booths that have been replaced with cozy seating arrangements next to a fireplace, these are just…

The Street: 5 more ways to ensure you get that job

We reached out to Snagajob, a Richmond, Va., online job search service, to come up with more search tips for job hunters. Here’s what Kim Costa, a job-seeker specialist at the firm, advises. Read more. 

two ferns

Take a cue from the president – explore different channels

Early Tuesday morning, the popular web series “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis released a new episode with special guest President Barack Obama. Hosted on the site Funny or Die, the clip allowed the president to exchange dry humor with Galifainakis while sharing information about Healthcare.gov. The next day, the government website reported a 40…


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