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Hourly Recruitment Reaches Innovation Summit

We won’t pretend it’s a secret: In many HR circles, hourly hiring has lagged behind salaried recruitment ever since the first “Help Wanted” sign was taped to the door.

As the Second Annual Hire Minds conference wrapped up last Friday afternoon, it was clear that the gap between people processes had been bridged. And this wasn’t one of those rickety old wooden plank foot bridges; this was a double-decker thing of beauty.

Here are some of the findings, fun facts and compelling tidbits that arose during the 48-hour event held at Williamsburg, Virginia’s Kingsmill resort. Ask yourself these questions, and see if the answers get you hungry for more.

Looking for a new revenue stream? In addition to receiving tax incentives for hiring and retaining specific folks, you can also monetize your HR processes by training existing employees and locating your business in certain enterprise zones.

When is the last time you applied for your own job? Without regularly participating in your own selection process, you’re disconnected from your recruitment processes.

Looking to make a high-definition first impression? The average cost for a high quality, two-to-three-minute recruitment video is about $15K. You’re paying for the science, production savvy and bandwidth.

Do you proofread new employee paperwork? About 30 to 40 percent of all I-9 forms are completed with errors, according to the federal government. There are easy ways to trim these compliance traps with minimal resources.

Do your interview questions need alignment? In other words, do they reflect or distract from your core values and mission statement?

Do your employees love you? That’s the best way to get them to share your story – and job openings.

If you’re looking for more hourly recruitment best practices, be sure to check out our next webinar, “How to turn automation into a profit center,” which will take place through HR.com on Oct. 21 at 11 a.m.

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Mike Ward is the managing editor for Snagajob. When he's not writing and editing content to support America's hourly workers and employers, he reviews movies, roots for losing sports teams and hangs out with his family and friends in the River City.

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