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He said, she said of successful hourly management

If you’re looking for a book on how to be a better manager or to get an idea of what to expect from a management position, you’ll have a ton of books from which to choose. Everyone has their opinion, strategy or theory that is promised to lead you on your path to management success….


This election year you’ll win

Sound bites that peg political gridlock and indecision for what’s stifling employment in America are wildly off the mark, according to the findings of the Workforce Planning Survey commissioned by outsourcing provider Yoh. Only 9 percent of executives surveyed in December 2011 from larger U.S. companies – companies with revenues greater than $750 million and…


IFA takeaways: Common franchise questions and answers

We’re fresh off the plane, back from Orlando, Fla., after attending the 52nd Annual International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention. The event never disappoints, giving franchisors and franchisees the opportunity to network and share best practices to improve their businesses. The convention gives us the chance to talk one-on-one with hourly employers to hear what hiring…


Must-reads from Mel: sump pumps, Super Bowl coaches and bad interviews

Odds are that you don’t have the time you’d like to read all the blogs, articles or books that offer insight into the hourly hiring industry. So Snagajob asked our friend, Mel Kleiman – CSP, president of Humetrics, and a strategist for hiring and retaining the best hourly employees – to give us a rundown…

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The straight line to hiring success

A lot of attention in the HR space has been dedicated to the shift in recruiting strategy in recent years from the old-school approach of newspaper advertising to recruiting online. You can’t blame hiring managers for changing their approach. Online recruiting is more cost effective – a study conducted by the Society of Human Resource…


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