While the weather hasn’t quite cooled off, holiday hiring is starting to heat up. Major nationwide employers, like UPS, Macy’s and Target, have already announced they are starting to hire for the season.

Snagajob has been keeping a close eye on the employment market and has pulled a few trends in hiring we expect to see this holiday season.

Holiday hiring will be strong

In 2015, 82 percent of employers expected to add to their workforce during the holiday season. 2016 has been a strong year for hiring already, with a 26 percent increase in job postings on Snagajob overall. We expect this year’s holiday hiring season to be at least on par with last year’s numbers.

If hiring extra delivery drivers is a part of your holiday hiring strategy, be prepared for some steep competition. With online shopping being at a record high, the transportation industry will be particularly busy this season. UPS has announced they will be hiring between 90,000 – 95,000 workers this season and this will be a trend with other delivery companies as well.

Hiring starts early

As mentioned earlier, fall hasn’t technically started, but major employers are already on the hunt for their seasonal staff. Many employers, like Macy’s and Toys R Us, are even hosting National Holiday Hiring fairs to get the word out about their open positions and start training seasonal staff.

The majority of holiday hiring will be completed by the end of October. However, now is the time to get started. One major seasonal employer, for example, increased their number of job titles with “seasonal” by 198 percent in the past week alone.

Decrease in hours

While the hiring numbers will be strong, we also expect to see a decrease in the actual amount of hours being offered to each employee. This is on par with a nationwide trend and a result of the Affordable Care Act and the new overtime work regulations.

You should anticipate that your seasonal workers will have/want multiple jobs to make up for the decrease in hours.

Unique benefits to stand out to applicants

With a tight economy, employers are taking additional steps to stand out to job applicants. If raising pay is not an option, think about offering unique benefits to appeal to the millennial audience.

Our annual State of the Hourly Worker report revealed that one third of workers rank the freedom to wear what they want as the most wanted on-the-job perk. Soon after, we saw the rollout of Starbucks’ new dress code.

To take it further, Cava Grill pays for pet insurance and pays for their employees to FaceTime with doctors to get quick medical advice.

And Boloco, for example, offers their employees transportation discounts and English classes if English isn’t your first language.

Providing special benefits to your employees is one way to decrease employee turnover and increase employee loyalty.

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