Here’s something we hear from employers all the time:

I can’t raise my wages, but what else can I do to get my employees to stick around?

Obviously your employees would love a raise, but we find that most will understand if you can’t make that happen. However, the hiring market is tough right now. Unemployment and underemployment are at very low rates, making it more important than ever that you take steps to recruit and retain top talent.

We’re constantly talking to job seekers and hourly-paid workers to learn more about their experience in the hourly marketplace. After almost 5 years of annual surveys for the State of the Hourly Worker, we’ve learned a lot about what hourly workers want from a great job…aside from more money.

1. Promote flexible scheduling

One major theme we see in our survey results every year is the desire for more hours. The majority of respondents want to work at least 36 hours per week. And workers always say they would work multiple jobs to hit that number.

This means that many of your job applicants will probably have other jobs that you will be competing with for scheduling.  And some of your current employees might be looking for additional side jobs where they can make up for any hours that you can’t give them.  In addition your younger workers, especially those millennials, are juggling school and other passions and need you to be open with your schedule.

Maximizing employee schedules doesn’t have to be stressful. The most efficient way to do this is by taking your system mobile and making it as easy as possible for your employees to mark their hours, request time off and swap shifts with other coworkers.

2) Provide discounts to your business

We always hourly workers what perks they want in a job, other than just more money. The stand out answer is consistently discounts and vouchers to their place of employment. Take this as a compliment. Your employees want to spend their hard-earned money where they spend their time…at work.

We also know that a majority of job seekers are applying to places where they are a customer. It makes sense that one of the perks they are looking for is the ability to save money where they are already spending cash.

3) Show a career path

Jos seekers have shared that the opportunity for growth is one of the top things they think about when considering a job offer.

By mentioning any stats you have in a job posting (i.e., 50 percent of managers start as cashiers) or specifically calling out training programs your company offers to new employees, you’ll be setting yourself apart from your competition and setting yourself up for success with job seekers. And the more people you’re hiring from within, the greater your reputation will become as someone who truly cares about the future of their employees.

4) Relax the dress code

This may sound like a small point, but the freedom to wear whatever ones usually tops the list of on-the-job perk.

This ties in directly with an insight we always see for millennials – freedom to be themselves, both at home and at work. Of course this is within reason – no one can have workers showing up in pajamas and slippers – but maybe implement a t-shirt Tuesday, favorite hat Friday or just a more relaxed dress code.

This tiny change can make a big difference in your employee happiness and overall attitude.

5) Make your culture stand out

Almost 50 percent of hourly workers say that culture is one of the things they think about when considering a job offer. No one wants to work somewhere they think will be an unhappy, unproductive workplace. Your culture can be your selling point to job seekers if you put in the effort to make it a great place to work.

Your culture is more than just the physical space of your business, it’s your willingness to provide flexibility, your investment in the growth of your employees and your recognition of employees.

Keep these in mind as you write job posts, interview candidates and convince workers to grow with your business. Money is always important, but so is giving employees a workplace they truly enjoy.