5 tips to save time hiring hourly workers

Time: you could always use more of it and there never seems to be enough. This can seem especially true when it’s time to hiring employees for your small business.

At Snagajob, we’re obsessed with hourly workers and the most efficient ways to find them when you need them. And we have plenty of advice you can actually use as an employer to make the most of your valuable time when recruiting, interviewing and more. To get started, here are 5 tips to save time hiring hourly employees.

1. Ditch all the paperwork

The first thing that’s probably slowing down your hiring process is paperwork. Multi-page applications, interview paperwork and training materials can quickly pile up, leaving you overwhelmed and disorganized. It doesn’t have to be so frustrating!

There are different software and products that can make all of this information accessible, in one place. Going paperless makes it easier to review applications and stay on track as you recruit, meaning less time lost in file cabinets and more time to focus on finding your next best hire.

2. Write better job descriptions

Not getting the applications you need? Your job posting could be causing the delay. Before you post your job, it should be crafted to stand out and give job seekers they information they’re looking for.

In a recent survey, job seekers listed (in order) pay, location and hours as the top factors they consider when looking for work. As you write your job description, include these details, as well as any perks or benefits you provide. Don’t get too fancy with job titles and role descriptions —simply sharing the basics can lead to more applications in your inbox.

3. Ask screening questions before you interview

When applicants aren’t qualified for your open position, you end up wasting time you could be using to interview someone who’s a better fit. Screening questions are an easy way to pick out potential candidates before you even sit down for an interview.

Incorporating straightforward questions about work experience or personality into your application let’s you determine the best people to move forward with, without all the extra time devoted to interviews and phone calls.

4. Build and maintain a pipeline of applicants

A last-minute hiring need is when you really want time on your side. Avoid starting the whole process again from scratch by building an applicant pipeline.

Think of a pipeline as a reserve of applicants, from previous job postings or interviews, that you think might make a great addition to your team. Having their information on file can streamline your hiring when you find yourself short staffed.

5. Work with a great hiring partner

You can save even more time hiring employees for your small business by working with a partner who can help out with all of these details. If you want an easy way to keep up with applications or get your job posting in front of the right people, Snagajob does all this and more with the hourly marketplace in mind.

Albert Einstein once said, “Time is an illusion.” Well, when you’re running a business, time is very much a real thing. Hopefully these tips can help you regain control of it as you search for hourly workers. Get even more hours out of your day by hiring with Snagajob.