This is the final entry in a series of blog posts helping employers learn more about hiring online and what it can do for them. Read the previous post here

So we’ve covered the basics of going paperless and even busted a myth or two, but you may still need some convincing that online hiring is the right choice for you. Well, there’s a lot that ditching paper can do for your business in the long run. For further proof, let’s explore some returns on investments (ROI) that are possible when you decide to go paperless.

Reduce turnover costs – Turnover is common in businesses in the retail and restaurant industry, but finding and training new employees usually comes with a cost. One benefit of paperless hiring is a reduction in annual turnover costs. By taking advantage of online assessments, you’ll have an easier time finding lasting additions to your workforce and can build a pipeline of candidates for any future hiring.  Securing good employees from the start means searching for fewer new employees later.

Save time recruiting and hiring – A manager’s time is precious and devoting too much of that time on the hiring process can drag them away from operations. Applicants can find and complete forms online, giving employers instant access through each step of the process and allowing them to make an informed hiring decision faster. Hours spent trying to fill a position is cut, on average, in half when hiring is handled online.

Save more money – New employees can mean lots of paper – applications, tax forms, new hire paperwork – and it can all add up pretty quickly. Going paperless helps you save money on paper and printing expenses, leaving you with a good chunk of change while searching for potential employees.

These are just a few of the benefits of conducting the hiring process online. If you like the idea of saving money and making the most of your time, it might be time to make the switch. See how Snagajob Hiring Manager can help you transition to paperless and streamline your hiring process. Say so long to paper and hello to employing with ease!

If you have any questions about the online hiring process, leave a comment below and we might answer it in a future post!