Give your company culture a refresh and encourage employee engagement with your workers.

For a lot of employers, maintaining a successful business requires research, planning and rounding out their staff with great hires. It also means taking a closer look at company culture, and figuring out how to keep employees enthusiastic and excited to clock in every day.

It can be easy for company values to get lost in the shuffle when you’re focused on other aspects of the business. In fact, you might be wondering, what is company culture? Think of it as the heart of your team: the values you stand for, how everyone works together and how your team feels connected to the success of the business.

Giving your workplace culture a checkup is a great way to help you and your growing team come together. Here are 3 ways you can give your company culture a boost:


Promote from within

Promoting from within and giving employees the chance to grow in your business can boost morale on your team. Consider what you can offer hard-working workers who will be working into the fall.

Whether it’s a promotion or a few more responsibilities, offering advancement can be great for employee engagement–a new role can help workers feel more invested in the success of the business. Plus, the promise of career advancement can attract job seekers who are searching for a job where they can build a management trajectory in their hourly careers.


Provide flexible scheduling

If you haven’t already, consider your approach to shift scheduling. Ask your current team what they would like to improve about the scheduling process and determine how you can provide flexible scheduling that’s simpler for you and your employees to navigate. Once you determine what your workplace needs for effective scheduling, you can find a tool that helps you meet your scheduling needs. Your employees will appreciate feeling in control of their time with a simple way to request shift schedule updates.

Job seekers, especially students, are always on the lookout for positions that work alongside their school schedule. In fact, schedule flexibility/hours is among the top three things applicants consider when looking for a job. As you recruit, share details on how many hours a week applicants can expect to work, how you handle shift requests and more.


 Reaffirm your company values

Welcoming new hires to your team provides an opportunity to revisit company values and start conversations on what your business stands for. Reassure your employees that you are available for any questions or feedback they might have about workplace culture. Make it even easier by providing your team with a space to express themselves and learn any essential information.

Let current employees know they will be an essential part of making sure new workers feel welcomed–this allows them to feel actively involved in future of the business and its culture. The more connected a worker can feel to your company, the more likely they are to embody those values in every shift they work.


Give your company culture a quick refresh and watch your team grow stronger. It a sure way to get everyone engaged and work together to set your business up for success.