Recently, we shared some tips for employers to make the most of their hiring once school’s back in session. But for some employers, the end of summer means turnover and a pressing need for new hires. Some of your best employees could be gearing up for school to start or off to college.

The end of summer can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to fill newly opened positions. Consider the following steps to help take control of your summer turnover and make some great new additions to your workforce:

Promote from within

At Snagajob, we’re big fans of promoting from within and giving employees the chance to move forward in their hourly careers. Consider what you can offer hard-working employees who won’t be leaving at the end of the summer. This encourages employee engagement and also helps you attract job seekers who are looking to work somewhere with the possibility of advancement.

Provide flexible scheduling

Job seekers, especially students, are always on the lookout for jobs that work around their school schedule. You can appeal to students who are sticking around after the summer ends by showcasing a willingness to accommodate their schedule, making it easier to work for you.

Start building a pipeline

One of the benefits of working with a third-party hiring partner is having the resources to build a pipeline of talent, especially in industries that are prone to turnover. Knowing you have a reserve of quality applicants can help ease the burden of finding new employees during a seasonal transition.

As the leaves start to change and the air begins to feel a little crisper, an easier way to find quality employees can make autumn something to look forward to.

Happy hiring!