A couple weeks ago, we learned a thing or two about hiring from the Wimbledon championship. This past weekend, tennis rackets were replaced with golf clubs as we found some more hiring lessons during the British Open tournament. But rather than focus on the competition on the green, we found our inspiration in the special relationship that exists between a player and his caddie.

Phil Mickelson, who won the tournament this year, owed his victory not only to his ability to finish the course under par, but to the assistance of his trusty caddie as well. Mickelson has been working with his caddie Jim Mackay since the summer of 1992, so when Mickelson sunk the winning hole, it served as a victory for both men.

Employers, in a way, can have their own caddies to help them win in the search for new employees. A third-party partner can give you additional insight and provide you with the right tools to make the most of your hiring process. Just like a dependable caddie, a third-party partner can:

Help you assess the situation – Golfers sometimes rely on the wisdom of their caddies when assessing the potential difficulty of a hole; a better understanding of the course makes it easier to play(and avoid any sand traps). For an employer, a third-party partner can help assess the quality of applicants, to help keep your workplace free of hiring hazards.

Pick the right tools – A good caddie can help a golfer decide from a bag filled with a variety of clubs which one will be the best choice for his/her turn. Working with a hiring partner can give employers all sorts of tools to work with, from a single option to help with recruiting to different ways to work through every hiring step. It all depends on what would work best for your situation.

Provide support – Sure, pro-golfers have crowds of people politely cheering them on, but the real support comes from their caddies, the ones who have been on the course with them the whole time. Their help and understanding make reaching that 18th hole possible. Finding a third-party partner you can trust, especially one with the experience and knowledge you’re looking for, can make hiring feel like a relaxing day on the green.

So before you tee off on your next hiring process, consider a partner who can make every new hire seem like a hole-in-one.